• removed ‘frequencies’
  • Documentations are being added.
  • CI are being added.
  • Badges, README are updated.


Functions work as defaults

  • Divided module into 2 windows: ClinicoPath1 and ClinicoPath2
  • Removed unnecessary outputs.
  • Added ToDo section and a warning that still in development
  • Updated Readme file
  • Currently functions are working. But only in defaults.

For descriptive analysis:

  • TableOne
  • WriteSummary
  • Report General Features
  • Frequencies

For comparing variables:

  • CrossTable
  • GGStatsPlot2

For survival analysis

  • FinalFit
  • FinalFit Multivariate Survival

For medical decision tests:

  • Medical Decision
  • Decision Calculator

For correlation analysis:

  • Correlation

For inter and intra observer agreement

  • Interrater Intrarater Reliability

Decision tree and cluster analysis sections.

  • Not active yet.