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I use Organizations to collect GitHub Repositories.


Update on 9 July 2022:

Now GitHub has star collections, and it is easier:

I use GitHub’s organizations as a means to collect repositories. Please let me know if you have recommendations to add.

Currently these are my organizations:

Organization Content
ClinicoPath Repositories used for ClinicoPath jamovi module
PBPath Pancreatobiliary Pathology Society
PathologyWeb Information Technologies for the Practice of Pathology
bibliometrics Collection of Repositories Related to Bibliometrics, Bibliography, Knowledge Extraction and Text Mining
biostatistical Biostatistics Repositories
dataeducation Collection of Data Analysis Education Repositories
genomicanalysis Gene Analysis
histopathology Collection of Repositories related to Histopathology and Image Analysis
journalwatch Repositories for Pathology Journal Watch
knowledgeextraction Knowledge Discovery and Extraction from Text Data and Social Media
seeranalysis Repositories and Codes for SEER Analysis
statisticial-modelling-center Model İstatistik Merkezi (Statistical Modelling Center)


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